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It is with great sadness that I update this site today because the United States steps to a new low of persecuting a 6 year Boy Scout.

Here is a link to the NY Times story that says it all.

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I have written the Times for permission to post the article and his photo.

Edit: Hey everyone don't even bother looking or certainly subscribing to the NY Times.

Even for non-commercial causes they want money. Fuck them

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Here is a website his parents have set up:



Zachary is six years old and was a first grader at Downes Elementary School in Newark, Delaware.

He is a smart, happy, outgoing child who plays Little League Baseball, is a Cub Scout, studies martial arts, is actively involved in his church youth group, and is actively involved in school activities. Last year he participated in the school talent show, the science fair, and the PTA “Reflections” Art Contest, for which he won first place in the State of Delaware for his film, “What Is My Job?” Zachary reads above grade level and has very advanced math skills as well.

His mother is the Co-President of the Downes Elementary PTA, the Director of the Youth Ministry for Skyline United Methodist Church, was the homeroom parent for his class, and a full-time Project Management consultant. His step-father was the director of the school talent show, producer of the school yearbook, and coordinator for the Downes Elementary Mom’s Breakfast. His father is active and involved in Zachary's life, helps out with school fundraisers and appeared with Zachary in the talent show in June.

Zachary's education and emotional well-being have been impacted because of the zero tolerance policy of the Christina School District. He is not the only "collateral damage" that has happened due to the "zero tolerance" rules set forth in the Christina School District's Code of Conduct. Numerous cases are heard each month which end in expulsion or "alternative placement" into the Douglass School. Many of these children are innocent victims of decisions being made based on extreme, zero tolerance rules.

On Tuesday, September 29th, Zachary brought his camping utensil to school to use at lunch (spoon, fork, bottle opener, and knife). As he was getting off the bus, a teacher asked him what he was holding in his hand. Zachary showed it to her and explained why he had brought it... to eat his lunch. The teacher gave the utensil to the principal, at which point Zach was suspended from school pending a school district hearing.

The School District committee recommended that he be alternatively placed at The Douglass School, a reform school for juvenile delinquents. This is the same school where they place children who have severe behavioral problems and who are guilty of such offenses as assault and battery, rape, drug offenses, concealing a deadly weapon, and more. Since there is absolutely zero chance that we will allow that to happen, the only hope for Zachary being able to rejoin his friends at Downes Elementary is if Christina School District Superintendent Marcia Lyles or the Christina School Board intervenes to overturn the committee's decision.

Did you catch the fact that HE IS SIX YEARS OLD?!?!?! We haven't spoken to anybody who believes that the zero tolerance policy is either rational or reasonable, but the District continues to follow it in spite of legislation (HB 120) that calls for school districts to use sound judgment in reviewing these cases.

Please help! Please send emails and letters to the Christina School Board and to Christina School District Superintendent Marcia Lyles (contact info listed below)... MOST IMPORTANTLY, Please come to the School Board meeting on Tuesday, October 13th. Our goal is to have 10,000 people there to make the School Board listen to reason and stop victimizing the same innocent children they are supposed to be protecting.

Come to the School Board meeting and make your voice heard!

October 13, 2009
General Business Meeting ~ 7:30 pm
Porter Road Elementary School
500 Caledonia Way, Bear, DE

Click here to view map & access driving directions Map & Driving Directions

Name / Title Address Phone # Email

Dr. Marcia Lyles - Superintendent of Schools for Christina School District and Executive Secretary of the School Board Christina School District
Drew Educational Support Center
600 North Lombard Street
Wilmington, DE 19801 302-552-2630

Dr. Sharon Denney - Supervisor, School Climate and Discipline Christina School District
Drew Educational Support Center
600 North Lombard Street
Wilmington, DE 19801 302-552-2711

Dr. Freeman Williams - Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services Christina School District
Drew Educational Support Center
600 North Lombard Street
Wilmington, DE 19801 302-552-2667

Mr. George Evans - School Board President 1712 Linden Street
Wilmington, DE 19805 302-658-1922

Mr. David Resler - School Board Vice President 28 Denison Street
Drummond North
Newark, DE 19711 302-737-4884

Ms. Gina Backus - School Board 133 Kane Drive
Newark, DE 19702 302-897-2231

Dr. John Mackenzie - School Board 711 Fiske Lane
Newark, DE 19711 302-453-0859

Mrs. Shirley Saffer - School Board 22 West Kapok Drive
Newark, DE 19702 302-454-8464

Mrs. Elizabeth Scheinberg - School Board 1 Boca Court
Newark, DE 19711 302-494-8076

Mr. John M. Young - School Board 109 Cypress Drive
Newark, DE 19713-2881 219-308-5338